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Maximise and Increase Network Visibility Points

UK Netcom knows that managing a network that includes multiple third-party tools such as sniffers, IDS's and packet analysis tools can be extremely complex, giving that generally there are are SPAN port and TAP shortages in most infrastructures and under-utilised network monitoring tools.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eliminate SPAN port and TAP shortages without compromising network visibility, Filter 40G/10G Traffic down to your 1G analysis equipment, Load balance that traffic & de-duplicate it also?

What if we said that you could replicate network traffic from a single tap or SPAN port and send it to multiple monitoring tools simultaneously with no negative impact to network performance or tool visibility?

The solution is easy: Traffic from your TAPs and SPAN ports is routed directly to the Net Tool Optimiser, where its intuitive, drag-and-drop interface allows you to port traffic to the right monitoring tool in real time. Traffic from a single network port can be replicated to all other NTO tool ports to distribute that traffic to the necessary monitoring tools.With Anue’s capability, you can also quickly connect diagnostic troubleshooting products without having to disconnect other monitoring tools from the network and create significant ROI by maximising IT resources, streamlining network troubleshooting and expanding network monitoring capacity.

Small enterprise
> Ixia Vision One
> Ixia Vision Edge 40
> Ixia Vision Edge 100

Medium enterprise
> Ixia Vision xStream 40
> Ixia Vision Edge 5236

Large enterprise
> Ixia Vision Edge 5288
> Ixia Vision Edge 7300