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Total Cloud Security

Secure any app, device or network, Simplify infrastructure, Reduce costs

Bitglass delivers data and threat protection for any interaction, on any device, anywhere. Operating at cloud scale with an infrastructure that scales and grows with demand, with unrivalled 99.99% uptime and resilience, Bitglass delivers cloud business continuity for organisations wherever they are.

How do Bitglass do that? The solution is built on a next-generation cloud access security broker (CASB), offering offers end-to-end data protection for any app, on any device, anywhere.

With support for managed apps like Office 365 and AWS, as well as unmanaged apps like personal Dropbox and social media, Bitglass is built to protect data in real time across the most critical enterprise applications. Unmanaged apps are automatically detected and can easily be sanctioned from the admin console. Only Bitglass provides zero-day data protection, threat protection, identity management, and visibility, all without agents.

CASB is an exciting new offering, but understanding the market can be a challenge. How do Bitglass compare, and with so many vendors, how do you find the right solution for your organization?

Consistent Security Across any App, Device or Location

Secure Remote Workers

  • Protect remote workers from threats
  • Enable Zero Trust Access to internal apps
  • Secure BYOD without requiring agents
  • Apply security policies based on endpoint context
Enabling Zero Trust Remote Work

Advanced Threat Protection for any Interaction

  • Native integration with CrowdStrike and Bitdefender
  • Block threats at upload or download on any device, and at rest in the cloud

Web Security at Scale

  • The industry's only on-device proxy eliminates backhaul bottlenecks
  • Block threats and control access by category, risk rating, and user group

Secure Any App without Agents

  • Enforce uniform, granular DLP on any combination of apps, users, devices, and locations
  • Pre-built library for hundreds of sensitive data patterns and compliance frameworks
  • Ensure constant reverse proxy uptime as apps change and evolve with AJAX-VM