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World Class Wi-Fi for Business

When Wi-Fi is down, work stops. That’s why the world’s biggest brands and most important events trust Ekahau for their mission-critical wireless networks.

The Solution to Build and Maintain High-Performing Wi-Fi

Fast & Accurate

Precise Wi-Fi diagnostics paired with mobile-optimized apps deliver significantly faster site surveys, faster spectrum analysis, and more accurate and reliable data.

Easy to Use

Robust, professional gear that anyone can use, developed by Wi-Fi enthusiasts who consistently innovate and redefine industry-standard.

Peace of Mind

Well-designed and optimized networks reduce business-stopping downtime, giving you assurance that your Wi-Fi is always high-performing.

Wi-Fi tools for your Wireless Kit bag

Ekahau Sidekick

Precise, plug-and-play Wi-Fi diagnostic and measurement device for professional results.

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Ekahau Pro

The industry-standard tool for designing, analysing, optimising, and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks.

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Ekahau Survey

Professional Wi-Fi site survey app for iPhone & iPad optimised for use with Ekahau Sidekick.

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Ekahau Analyzer

Powerful Wi-Fi health validation and troubleshooting app for iPhone & iPad optimized for use with Ekahau Sidekick.

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Ekahau Capture

Easy-to-use packet capture tool for advanced troubleshooting and in-depth analysis.

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Ekahau Cloud

Collaborate across teams and work concurrently on the same project to leverage onsite staff and remote Wi-Fi experts.

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